Smiro Pesa

SmiroPesa counts for you!

SmiroPesa: the first smart counting scale that communicates directly with your management system and converts the weight of your goods into pieces, meters or liters, and can also work independently.

SmiroPesa is able to store up to one million codes with photos or technical sheets, identify products in stock and those under inventory control, and program the minimum reordering package, so that when the inventory control level is reached, the system will send an email directly to the purchasing office or supplier.

No more worries about errors: SmiroPesa eliminates them for you!

30 Kg. ⇒ 3000 pz.

Scale features

Scale surface [cm] Weight limit [kg] Tolerance [gr]
23×23 3 0.1
40×30 15 0.5
40×30 30 1
40×30 60 2
65×50 150 5
65×50 300 10
150×125 1500 500
150×150 3000 1000
150×150 6000 2000

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Why SmiroPesa?

  • To software houses that have ERP, MES and WMS for the extension of functionalities of their software.
  • To manufacturers of small parts and consumables who want to offer an automatic restocking service to their customers.
  • To all companies that produce and want to control the quantities of semi-finished and finished products, freeing themselves from the constraint of manual counting.
  • To all those who want to innovate with simplicity.
SmiroPesa also works without connection to the management system. It is an innovative and practical system to always have control over consumables and codes not on distinct basis.

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